We provide a leading

Sales as a Service offering

Leading Sales as a Service Agency with track record of delivering 500%+ sales growth & leveraging best in class networks

Watch this short video to understand how our sales & other go to market services will help you to supersize your sales in new & existing markets

We are focused on helping you to overcome your key sales challenges. We do this by offering a bespoke set of sales & other go to market services - see below for more details or click on the link below if you would rather get a personal introduction from our CEO 

Our leading sales as a service offering

We provide the tech sector with best in class sales as a service including: go to market strategy definition & execution, customer/channel target identification, lead engagement & ranging, deal & contract completion, account/channel plans & management, sell in/sell out, cross & up sell, business performance management, C-suite & stakeholder management. 

Our services cover all your Go To Market requirements

GTSG doesn't just offer sales-as-a-service, we supercharge it with complementary information, strategy, marketing, proposition  and business operations & management services

Other Go To Market Services

Our vision is to transform and supersize tech companies' sales performance. Since every customer is different, at a different point in their journey and therefore have different needs, we supersize our sales services with other complementary services. These include: 

  • information services to help the customer to have a best in class understanding of the local market they are about to enter/or compete in
  • strategy services to define the winning go to market strategy
  • proposition services that geneate winning insight led differentiated propositions with clear business cases
  • marketing services to maximise your brand awareness, consideration & sales
  • business operations and management services to optimise the operation once the contracts have been signed and make sure that you are delivering a best in class customer experience.

These additional services can be part of a wider 'premium sales as a service' package or purchased as and when required depending on the customer's requirements. 

Information Services 

Product/Service trends

Market trends

Customer trends

Competitor trends

Commercial trends

Regulatory trends

Legal trends

Technical trends

Case studies 

Strategy Services 


Market analysis

Issues & opportunities

High level strategy 

Target market segment



Sales, Marketing & Ops

Business Case 

Proposition Services

Insight definition 




Operational impact


Business case


Transition management

Marketing Services

Brand definition


Brand awareness

Brand consideration

Outbound marketing

Inbound marketing 

PR & Influencer

Social & experiential 

Community & events

Business Ops Services 

Business ops mgt


Sales optimisation

After sales support

Experience Audit 

CEX Improvement Plan


Local Office 

Local Management 

What we deliver 

We supersize revenues, profit, brand awareness & customer experience in new and existing markets

Supersized sales

Increased profits

Increased brand awareness

Improved customer experience

The benefits of working with a leading sales as a service agency

Insight & Market Experts 

25 years experience of B2B & B2C across all tech sectors. Worked on all continents

Develop & Execute Winning Go To Market Strategies 

Built & executed winning strategies for leading tech brand  (Telefonica, Virgin,, Digicel, OnePlus, Motorola)

Develop & Execute Winning Account Plans 

Grew sales by 500% for OnePlus in 1 year, doubled Motorola’s share of Dixons Carphone to 42% in 6 mths

Leverage Best In Class Networks 

CXO/VP relationships with all operators, retailers, distributors (e.g. CEO EE/O2/Verizon)

Low Risk & Faster Speed to Market 

Avoid high legal, office & recruitment fees - we offer a flexible commercial model (commission & retainer). Expert team with proven sales hypergrowth record ready to go – no training required. Customer meetings typically set up in 2 weeks, new customer accounts 3-6 months

Our proven methodology to supersize sales

Phase 1

Develop a winning strategic market plan 

Market Insight & Research

Define Go To Market Strategy

Proposition localization & differentiation

Identification of leads

2 weeks 

Target account identified. 2-3 meetings arranged

Phase 2

Lead Engagement & Qualification 

Customer needs discussion

Brand introduction 

Proposition introduction & feedback

Lead qualification

2-12 weeks

List of qualified accounts. Vendor brand building

Phase 3

Develop customer acquisition plan

Customer Acquisition Plan

Ranging confirmation  

Commercial negoation and legal negotiation 

Contract signature 

Varies by sector - ca. 3 mths

List of qualified accounts. Vendor brand building

Phase 4

Account Management Acceleration 

Develop 360  account plans

Winning  sales plans

Leverage best in class relationships to drive cut 

Stakeholder mangement


500% sales growth in 1 year. ROI 238 

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