We cover all areas of Tech 

B2C, B2B and IOT 

Leading Sales as a Service Agency with track record of delivering 500%+ sales growth & leveraging best in class networks

With years of experience working with tech vendors of all sizes and all sectors, GTSG is the go to partner of choice for vendors to supersize sales in new or existing markets. Watch this short video which outlines all the different sectors of the tech industry that we focus on 

We cover all areas of Tech

GTSG helps tech companies to transform and supersize their sales performance in new and existing markets. We have in-depth experience of  working across all segments and verticals across the tech market including B2B2C, B2B and IOT. This expertise allows us to help customer to navigate an increasingly complicated digital world & optimise sales performance across the board and cover all our customers' channel needs. 

We cover all areas of Consumer Tech



TV & Video 

Smart Home 

White goods



GTSG covers all parts of the connected world ecosystem for consumers, including over 25 years experience of supersizing sales and brands across smartphones, accessories & connectivity and over 10 years experience of smart home, wearables & TV/video. GTSG is also at the forefront in relatively new areas like augmented reality and virtual reality and e-cigarettes.

GTSG not only has the experience of working across all areas of consumer tech but also has a best in class track record of growing sales & a best in class contact network, which will allow you to supersize sales. GTSG has supersized sales with major consumer tech brands like OnePlus, Motorola, Sony, Ericsson, Jabra, Virgin, Telefonica, Digicel and many more. 

We cover all areas of Business Tech (B2B)



Apps & Platforms






Consumer Tech

GTSG covers all aspects of business tech including ICT, Cloud, Saas, Apps,Platforms, Advertising and many more, where it has over 25 years experience of defining winning market strategies, best in class differentiated propositions (including Virgin Digital Help, MyO2), developing winning marketing plans and above all supersizing sales (including Telefonica, Digicel, Xchanging, Sutherland, IBM etc.). This wider and deeper understanding is crucial in helping our customers to maximise the opportunity to grow their sales.  

We cover all aspects of IOT

Smart Building

Smart Home

Smart Health 

Smart Insurance

Smart Car 

Smart Agriculture

Smart Retail

Smart Water

Smart Utility  

Smart Logistics

Smart Logistics  

IOT Devices

IOT Gateways

IOT Connectivity 

IOT Platforms



Cyber Security

GTSG has close to 15 years experience of building and executing end to end IOT solutions (devices, gateways, platforms, applications, analytics, security) for some of the biggest brands in the IOT market (e.g. Telefonica, Xchanging, Digicel) and has experience of working across all verticals. It has built a best in class network of over 400 companies within these verticals. GTSG differentiates through its ability to  explain the IOT opportunities clearly to the board and then help to define the overall IOT strategy - resulting in it becoming the trusted advisor. Through this position GTSG  is able to supersize the opportunity for your brand in terms of brand awareness & sales

Examples of our successes and clients in different sectors


B2B2C & B2B 





IT & IOT  


We don't just have the experience of working across all tech sectors but we have a track record of delivering best in class sales growth across B2B2C, B2B and IOT 

We are focused on overcoming your sector challenges

We are experts in determining the key issues that are preventing  tech firms from achieving transformational growth and coming up with solutions that generate hypergrowth throughout the customer life cycle and generating the best ROI

Limited market knowledge & incorrect strategies

Complexity of building winning  account plans

Lack of relationships with key decision makers 

High risk & slow speed to market in setting up your own team/office 

Our passion at GTSG is to understand each customer’s specific sales growth challenges and to provide specific solutions for these, with a low risk model that is focused on avoiding high up front costs, lack of flexibility & slow speed to market. We support our customers throughout their life cycle as the sales challenges often change to ensure that they continue to supersize their sales

Erik Staaf CEO at GTSG

Example of how we supersize consumer sales by 500% per year

How a relatively unknown Chinese smartphone vendor leveraged the services of GTSG to grow sales by 500% in 1 year, increase brand awareness 6x to become a top 5 selling smartphone brand in Europe 

At the beginning of 2017, a relatively unknown Chinese smartphone vendor was looking to increase its global sales.

The vendor had seen some success in the domestic market and now wanted to build on this in other markets around the world

The vendor identified Europe as a potential opportunity but faced several sales challenges to break into this market

The Problem:

The Chinese vendor struggled with a number of key sales growth challenges including: a) limited local market insights & knowledge b) limited knowledge of how to execute winning local marketing campaigns c) limited experience of commercials & sales in Europe and d) lack of relationships with key decision makers 

The Solution:

The vendor decided to recruit the services of GTSG to address the above challenges. GTSG provided invaluable insights and market expertise allow a winning go to market strategy to be defined and executed. They furthermore, leverage their best in class knowledge of how to develop & execute winning commercial, sales and marketing campaigns across every key touch point with one of the largest operators in the UK market. They, furthermore,  supersized the performance by engaging the CEO of the UK operator to ensure cut through and sponsorship from the top. This generated at 500% increase in sales year on year, strategic partnership status with the operator and multi-million dollar investment from the operator into the vendors brand.    

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