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Leading Sales as a Service Agency with track record of delivering 500%+ sales growth & leveraging best in class networks

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Many companies struggle to overcome the challenges which are preventing them from supersizing their sales – e.g. lack of insight & market knowledge, incorrect go to market strategies, lack of localised propositions, limited local brand awareness, limited knowledge of how to develop & execute winning account plans & lack of best in class relationships

This session  represents your first big step towards dedicating the time to making supersizing your sales a reality

What to expect from the consultation?

A high level review of your core vision, mission & strategy

This will be a quick conversation around what your company stands for and what direction you are heading in and what the strategic imperatives are

Consultative session to highlight your key prioritised issues

This will be a discussion around the key issues that are preventing your from supersizing your sales, identification of implications & recommendation on how to overcome these going forward

Consultative session to highlight your key prioritised opportunties 

We will discuss current opportunties and brainstorm others, review the implications and discuss recommendations on how to realise these opportunties going forward

GTSG provides high level ideas & strategic ideas to start the journey towards supersizing your sales

Based on the information provided & discussions during the consultatitive session, GTSG will highlight highlight high level ideas and potential strategic options to allow you to transform your sales 

Opportunity to find out more about GTSG to see if they are the right strategic partner for you

We will give you a quick overview of our company - our vision, mission and service & how we differentiate in the market 

GTSG's CEO, who is an industry expert in supersizing sales, will be facilitating the session

GTSG's CEO  and founder Erik Staaf has 20+ years experience of developing winning strategies, proposition, marketing & sales plans for some of the world’s leading tech companies

Roles included:

VP OnePlus, CEO Digicel, MD Virgin Digital Help, GM Telefonica O2, SVP Mobile & Marketing Jabra, GM Motorola, CEO IOT-as-a-Service, VP Sutherland, Director Xchanging

 GTSG is a leading premium sales-as-a-service agency head-quartered in London with a global reach

Team of 10 industry experts with proven track record of supersizing sales

So what are you waiting for - book a kick off consultative session to make supersizing your sales a reality 

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