How to Survive & Grow Your Sales During the Coronavirus (Covid 19) Crisis

The Coronavirus has had a devastating impact on people and business around the world. China and some of the rest of Asia were the first to experience a tragic loss of life and a substantial slow down in their economies. Now the whole of Europe and the United States of America are bracing themselves for the same thing.

The most important thing during this time is the health of you, your families, your teams and your customers.

The second most important thing is the survival/growth/success of your business.

It is easy to get pulled along with the doom and gloom in the business market at the moment (volatile stock market and news of businesses going under).

However, I would urge you to think about it differently – to really focus on finding solutions to your key issues and also to see this as an opportunity to grow your sales eventually, increase your market share and grow your brand.

If you are struggling to see the light and way out of this we can help you. We have 20 plus years experience of analysing market situations, developing winning strategies for leading tech companies, developing insight led differentiated propositions and delivering market leading brand awareness growth (6x) and sales growth (500% in 1 year). We are offering a free consultation to support you during this difficult time. Just go to our home page to book an appointment.

In the meantime, I wanted to provide you with some key insights for you to survive this challenging situation and come out winning.

  • Don’t stop your marketing & sales activities – your future may depend on it
    • You might think that strange in the current situation, however research shows that that typically 80% of companies stop most marketing & sales activities and this not only leads to an even more dramatic decrease in your short term sales, but furthermore, it will mean that it will take even longer to recover in the medium term when we come out of this situation – so much so that your business might not even survive
  • If you are looking to break in to the market or grow your sales, now is likely to be a very good time to ramp up sales & marketing
    • The current situation will lead to a shake out and this situation will actually present opportunities for brands to break in, grow and be more successful. That will only happen if you invest in sales & marketing
    • The cost of online marketing, for example, is falling dramatically so you will get a better return on investment (ROI) in terms of driving sales & building your brand
    • GTSG can help you drive sales & marketing in new & existing markets
  • Shift your commercial model from fixed cost to variable
    • You need to review your cost structure and try to move as much as possible from fixed to variable across the board
    • You need to be doing this across sales and marketing as well
    • GTSG has commercial models that can support you in making this happen
  • Existing Customer Relationships are crucial now
    • In the current situation companies will be more risk adverse than ever, which will hit new brands with limited relationships trying to break in
    • Now is the time to leverage well established relationships that have been built over years and that will ensure that your brand gets the cut through that it needs
    • GTSG has a best in class network of CXO/VP level contacts across key network operators, retailers, online, distributors and IOT verticals to give you that cut through & help you to supersize your sales


I hope some of the above insights help you to navigate through the current difficulties and help you to come out the other end as not just a stronger brand but in a better position to grow your market share and sales globally.

As I mentioned above, we are offering potential new customers are free consultation during this difficult time. We would be happy to help you to navigate through some of the marketing & sales challenges that you now face and ultimately help you to start your journey towards supersizing your sales. Please head to our home page ( to book your appointment now.


Stay safe and all the best